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The Mental Patient Next Door

An insider's view on mental illness and wellness.

I speak professionally on the topic of mental illness, and almost every time I give a talk about living…

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9 Ways to Work through Depression for Under $20

By Maggie Newcomb Raine

A few weeks after my wedding, I was caught off-guard by a serious brush with depression….

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[VIDEO] Where Am I Now?

In Maggie’s newest vlog she details where she is now, nearly 3 years after publishing her first book Chocolate…

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Who Is the Mental Patient Next Door?

I have spent the majority of my life being ashamed of what I went through. I’ve been hiding an…

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I am writing this not as a Democrat or Republican, but a person. A person who happens to live…

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[VIDEO] Turning My Pain Into My Power

Some people say that comedy is pain plus time and I must admit when it comes to my standup…

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[VIDEO] Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

When it comes to mental health I think sometimes we can get tunnel vision focusing on the medications, the…

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Thank You Patty Duke!

This week we lost a very special person and a hero to the mental health community, Patty Duke. Most…

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[VIDEO] Chocolate Pudding In Heaven Is Available On Amazon

Check out this short and fun video from Maggie Newcomb promoting her new book on Amazon. Bonus: you get…

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How Do We Talk About Mental Illness?

Is it okay to ask somebody about their mental illness? Is it okay to talk about your own mental…

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